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Product Introduction of Transportation Communication Information Group Co., Ltd.

Product Introduction of Transportation Communication Information Group Co., Ltd.

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Global Fleet Operation Management Visualization Platform

It is based on nautical charts. It can operate and manage single ships, sister ships of the same model, ships of different models of the same tonnage, fleets, etc., as the accounting unit for operation and management, tracking ship location, location monitoring, video surveillance, ship safety, weather services, etc. Navigation information service and operation and production data information integration integration, providing ship working condition monitoring and production data analysis, is an integrated visual platform serving ship safety management and production operations.



  Global Remote Emergency Communication Platform

It has realized the information entry and management of various terminals of maritime satellites, and can bind maritime satellite terminals with emergency personnel, communication vehicles, medical teams and other targets. In emergency scenarios, the platform position collection function can provide emergency personnel and communication Rescue teams such as vehicles and medical teams carry out location positioning and tracking to realize the global monitoring of remote targets by the command center. At the same time, it provides functions such as instant communication, video communication, and file transmission based on the organizational structure and geographic information system to facilitate remote access Information exchange and data sharing are carried out in emergency scenarios, thereby improving the command efficiency of the command center and the efficiency of remote rescue.


  Safety emergency IoT integrated business application platform

  Using the maritime satellite network and the intelligent communication technology of IoT terminal equipment, it realizes the visual monitoring and remote control of the full time and full coverage of the remote target point. Provide effective and reliable IoT solutions for earthquake monitoring, environmental monitoring, bridge monitoring, hydrology and water conservancy monitoring, soil and mountain monitoring, oil pipeline monitoring and other industries, and provide richer information resources for the comprehensive application of safety and emergency in various industries, and provide emergency command , Disaster recovery and backup provide reliable means.


  Maritime Satellite Civil Aviation Aircraft Global Flight Tracking Platform

Based on the network characteristics of the fourth-generation maritime satellite SBB system, it provides airlines with aircraft latitude and longitude information and aircraft registration information every two minutes. The airline ground command center uses the monitoring platform to obtain the flight position status and flight integration of the mission aircraft in real time. The data enables the ground command center to accurately grasp the flight status in real time. Thereby, the communication guarantee and real-time information transmission capabilities of the aircraft for the execution of emergency missions on a global scale are greatly improved.


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