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Ka millimeter wave ultra-sparse phased array antenna

Ka millimeter wave ultra-sparse phased array antenna

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1. Ka millimeter wave ultra-sparse phased array antenna adopts super-sparse design, which greatly reduces the number of 1180 elements required for traditional design to only 128 elements, which not only solves the inherent heat dissipation problem of traditional high-frequency phased array antennas , Reducing the difficulty of manufacturing and processing, and also greatly reducing the cost of components by nearly 10 million yuan. The product will generate benefits of the order of magnitude in the fields of detection, guidance, special communications, etc., especially in the application of next-generation mobile communications 5G base stations.


  2. S-band phased array satellite communication antenna is an ultra-thin S-band satellite mobile antenna. Its main features include:

  (1) The thickness of the antenna body is much smaller than the 50mm height of the existing thin, moving phased array antenna;

  (2) It can perfectly conform to the outer surface of various carriers. This advantage benefits from the unique internal design of this product;

  (3) Lower overall machine power consumption, and lower overall machine loss and noise through optimal device selection and link design;

  (4) Compared with the existing phased array antennas, it is more suitable for airborne and other platforms with stricter requirements on thickness and power consumption, thereby obtaining higher market expectations.


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Alead Advanced Phased Array Antenna

Design and processing technology

Xi'an Anlide Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

   1. Technical features overview

  We have the internationally leading technology patent for "optimal design and equipment processing of arbitrary three-dimensional (including conformal) phased array antennas" with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is the only effective technology for handling arbitrary three-dimensional conformal array antennas at home and abroad.

   This technology is to design a non-uniformly distributed and theoretically optimal phased array antenna front by establishing a multi-dimensional and complex mathematical model. The key technologies and product features are as follows:

   Optimize the layout of the curved array and the number of array elements without sacrificing the requirements of antenna radiation performance. According to functional requirements, usually only 15%-50% of the traditional (uniform) densely distributed array elements are needed to achieve the same indicators as traditional design methods. As shown in the figure below, the left side is the traditional phased array, with the same aperture, more than 1100 units are needed, and the right side is the layout of the Alead technology, which only uses 128 units.




  · The thermal design of the phased array is greatly reduced, especially the difficulty of solving high-frequency heat dissipation, which can improve the use efficiency and transmission power of each element without reducing the transmission power of the overall antenna.

  · Significantly reduce costs (50%—83% lower than traditional manufacturing costs), and increase communication transmission rate. For various phased array radar antennas, massive MIMO base station antennas in 5G wireless communications, satellite mobile communication antennas, ultra-sparse phased arrays, high precision, multi-level weather and airflow forecasts Large-scale market applications such as radar are of great significance.

  · The weight of the antenna and the space occupied by the antenna are greatly reduced, which is of great significance to the application of phased arrays on satellites.

   2. Several major areas where Alead technology is applicable

  1) Base station antenna for 5G wireless communication.

   The world's ready-to-go 5G wireless communication uses MIMO, that is, multiple-input multiple-output phased array. The operating frequency is in the Ka band (about 28 GHz). Due to the mechanism of simultaneous multi-user directional communication, the antenna gain requirements are high. Therefore, smaller ground base station antennas need 200-500 array elements in the Ka-band. According to the current market price for mass wholesale prices, each unit TR component is 6,000 yuan, and the component cost of the optical antenna on each base station is 1.2 million to 3 million yuan, which is extremely expensive. Even under the mass production scale, the unit cost can be reduced a lot, and the price of the antenna on the base station is still too high.

   Alead’s technology can reduce the number of TRs and units at the same TR unit price, halving the cost; at the same time, reduce the number of channels, further reduce costs, and greatly simplify the complexity of back-end signal processing.

  2) Communication antenna

   Various types of communication antennas, such as ground, vehicle, airborne, shipborne, satellite, etc., especially communication antennas on high-speed moving platforms. Alead's product prototypes are specially developed for this field.

  3) Meteorological and airflow (observation and forecasting) radar

  Because of the extremely fast movement and change of atmospheric clouds under extreme disaster climatic conditions, the tracking and sampling rate of traditional mechanical parabolic antennas is far from achieving the purpose of accurate observation and multi-level forecasting. The only solution is phased array! However, this kind of giant phased array antenna is too expensive under the existing technology, and there is no practical application in the world.

   Alead’s technology is only 40% to 10% of the cost of the existing technology (depending on gain requirements). Alead technology will be used for the same reason in future astronomical observation radar antennas.

  4) Various radar antennas

Alead's product prototypes can be used in this field. The demand and market can be imagined. Low cost, easy heat dissipation and high reliability are the unique features of Alead technology in this type of market, and it is also the key to the great market prospects. .

   In addition to the cases where Alead technology has been used and related application platforms, the market will also be huge in the future application requirements of multi-frequency co-array. The reason is that the space and area of ​​the carrier are limited, but antennas with various functions are required, and the existing technology does not have the ability to reduce the size of the antenna in a limited space. Therefore, the superposition of antennas of different bands in the face of multi-functional requirements is a goal of our company's future development.

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