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Emergency portable conference system

Emergency portable conference system

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A high-fidelity conference system that can be quickly deployed and retracted in 3 minutes; it can be used indoors or outdoors, with low environmental requirements; all equipment is integrated in a suitcase, suitable for single-person carrying and multi-modal transportation; beautiful and refined, and reliable high. The main functions of the product: ◆High-fidelity multi-channel sound pickup, tuning, amplification, playback, and recording functions; centralized battery power supply; built-in lithium-ion battery can be used for long-term power supply, backup battery pack can be used to increase power supply time, battery power LCD Display, predictable working time, convenient charging; with high

The portable conference system adopts a lightweight and modular design. All equipment is installed in a portable suitcase. It can be quickly set up in 3-5 minutes, including multiple microphones, mixers, loudspeakers, digital recorders, and power supply systems. The internal small-scale conference system is used by leading comrades to temporarily convene emergency small- and medium-sized meetings on site. The main application areas of the system: on-site meetings, emergency command sites.


  ◆ Amplification function: broadcast speech through microphone, mixer and speaker

  ◆ Recording function: record voice through data recorder

  ◆ Portable: small size and light weight

  ◆ Dual system backup: the system can be equipped with a backup battery to achieve uninterrupted switching

  ◆ Simple and fast deployment: a small meeting site can be quickly set up within 3-5 minutes

  ◆ Integrated design: The system adopts a lightweight modular design, and all equipment is installed in a portable suitcase

  main indicators

  ◆ Speaker power: 20W

  ◆ Recording time: no less than 6 hours

  ◆ Lithium battery power supply time: no less than 4 hours

  ◆ System operating temperature range: 15-30 degrees Celsius (the battery capacity will be reduced if the temperature is too low)

  ◆ System storage temperature range: 5-35 degrees Celsius (long-term storage battery capacity will be reduced)

  ◆ Built-in lithium battery nominal voltage: 14.8V

  ◆ Built-in lithium battery capacity: 4.4AH

  ◆ Charging time: no more than 7 hours

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