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Zhang Zhanjie


Unit: Comtech EFData Corporation

Position: China Regional Manager

Schedule: 2020-10-29 13:30:10

Speech topic: Comtech HTS/LEO gateway station RF solution

Speech location: Century Hall (3rd floor)


Topic: Comtech HTS/LEO Gateway RF Solution

Speaker profile: Comtech Xicom China manager, CEFD system sales director, dedicated to satellite communications market expansion

Brief introduction of the speech: The satellite communication industry is undergoing a profound transformation. The entire industrial chain is developing from traditional communication satellites to high-throughput satellites HTS, and to medium-orbit/low-orbit MEO/LEO satellites. Although high-throughput satellites are only in their infancy in my country, medium/low-orbit satellites are still in their infancy. As thousands of employees, I have really felt the impact from new technologies and new ideas. A common feature of high-throughput satellites and medium/low orbit satellites is the need for service support from gateway stations. The gateway station often uses a higher frequency, a larger bandwidth, and a higher transmission power. These have brought many challenges to the construction of the gateway station. How to deal with these problems is the theme of my speech this time.

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