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Si Yuan


Unit: Gilat Satellite Network Co., Ltd.

Position: Regional Vice President and General Manager of China

Schedule: 2020-10-29 11:10:00

Speech topic: Progress in 2020: Taking Aviation Internet as an example

Speech location: Century Hall (3rd floor)


Mr. Si Yuan graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a major in Mechatronics Control Engineering (Bachelor) and Aircraft System Engineering (Master), and has more than 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry. In 2004, Si Yuan joined the 12th Institute of the First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and participated in the research and development of the Long March 2C and Long March 2F launch vehicle control systems. After being transferred to the Great Wall Industrial Company in 2006, he successively participated in the development of control systems including Palapa -D and W3C and other commercial satellite launch service projects market development and implementation, as well as Arabsat and Eutelsat and other whole-satellite in-orbit delivery project market development work, and successively served as division chief, department deputy head and department general manager and other positions ; In 2019, Mr. Si Yuan joined Gilat Satellite Network Co., Ltd. as the regional vice president and general manager of China.

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