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Liu Jinlong


Unit: National Instruments (NI)

Position: Head of Commercial Aerospace Industry in Asia Pacific


topic of speech:


  Liu Jinlong is the head of the commercial aerospace industry in the Asia-Pacific region of National Instruments (NI). He received a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in electrical engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2002 and 2005, respectively.

  He has 15 years of experience in related testing business in the aerospace and defense industry. He has served as the business person in charge of NI in northern China. He has many years of in-depth cooperation experience with leading domestic aerospace companies and scientific research institutes. He has a deep understanding of development and related technologies, as well as the technical and commercial operations of leading foreign aerospace companies and institutions.

  Relying on the advantages of NI's platform and multi-industry coverage, we are involved in the application of multiple industry-leading technologies. For example, we have extensive cooperation with domestic leading universities and scientific research institutions on the 5G communication system prototype system, and built the largest domestic Massive at the time. MIMO prototype system.

  As a project manager since 2013, he has been deeply involved in the establishment of the innovative test system of the first domestic commercial satellite company. The development process of test equipment from zero to one has witnessed these innovative test technologies supporting the first domestic commercial satellite . The process of successfully launching to a constellation network of more than 10 satellites. He has in-depth insights into the commercial satellite company's business model, test technology development route, and the important value of test technology for commercial aerospace.

  In recent years, facing the development trend of commercial aerospace, he is committed to the innovation and development of test technology, serving commercial aerospace companies and improving their market competitiveness, using NI's advantages in multi-industry coverage and introducing NI's latest technology to help satellite automated testing and communication satellite satellites. Emerging application areas such as geospatial network prototypes.

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