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Zhou Ziyong


Unit: Transportation Communication Information Group Co., Ltd.

Position: Director of Maritime Operations for Satellite Communications


topic of speech:


Zhou Ziyong, a senior engineer, is currently the director of satellite communications maritime business of Transportation Communications Information Group Co., Ltd., specializing in the research and development, marketing and management of VSAT systems and international maritime satellite application systems for more than 20 years, with rich experience in application product development and business management; The research and development of a number of satellite communication application systems has won the first and second prizes of China Navigation Science and Technology, and has won more than 10 inventions and utility model patents; as a maritime satellite communication application expert, he participated in the online monitoring system of ocean-going ships and cargo transportation, and ocean-going transportation. Internet of Things application demonstration platform, "Jiaolong" deep-sea manned submersible experimental mother ship, "Xuelong" polar expedition, "Dayang No. 1" marine expedition, and many other 863 projects

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