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Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

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(Summary description)Booth: P52 | English name: Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

The solution has long been widely used in the fields of aerospace and defense electronics, and has played a pivotal role in the development, production, operation and maintenance of cutting-edge products. Welcome readers and friends in the industry to learn about Made in Germany, please inquire: www.rohde-schwarz.com.cn

Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

(Summary description)Booth: P52 | English name: Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

The solution has long been widely used in the fields of aerospace and defense electronics, and has played a pivotal role in the development, production, operation and maintenance of cutting-edge products. Welcome readers and friends in the industry to learn about Made in Germany, please inquire: www.rohde-schwarz.com.cn

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Enterprise Chinese name: Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

Company English name: Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Building 1, Yard 18, Ziyue Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Post Code: 100012

Contact: Li Yang

Mobile phone: 13810857683

Telephone: 010-64312828-286038

Fax: 010-64379888

Website: www.rohde-schwarz.com.cn

E-mail: nicholas.li@rohde-schwarz.com

company profiles:

Rohde & Schwarz is a Munich-based technology company that develops, produces and sells a wide range of electronic products for enterprises and government agencies, and is committed to providing various solutions to create a more secure and connected world.

Rohde & Schwarz's extensive service and sales network covers more than 70 countries and regions, and mainly maintains close contact with users in the form of branches. The total export volume accounts for approximately 85% of the company's revenue. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has strong regional business centers in Asia and the United States.

As a high-tech company known for innovation, Rohde & Schwarz keeps almost the entire value chain within the company in order to maintain high quality standards. The vast majority of products are developed locally in Germany. The Asian regional business center in Singapore also uses its comprehensive resources to develop, produce and sell products for the global market. The company has also set up smaller R&D centers in the United States, Asia and several European countries.

Rohde & Schwarz was co-founded by Dr. Lothar Rohde and his university friend Dr. Hermann Schwarz, and it has been more than 85 years.

Rohde & Schwarz divides its business into four areas and provides corresponding professional products and solutions for different markets.

Test and measurement: As a market-leading supplier in the field of mobile and wireless communications, Rohde & Schwarz provides complete testing and testing for the development, production and certification of components and terminal equipment, as well as the deployment and monitoring of mobile communications networks. Measuring equipment and systems. At the same time, the company's test and measurement business also includes the automotive industry, aerospace and defense, industrial electronics, scientific research and education.

In the field of radio, television and media business, Rohde & Schwarz mainly targets network operators, content providers, post-production studios and consumer electronics manufacturers. The products cover solutions for the entire audiovisual content transmission chain-from camera output signals, terrestrial broadcasting, to satellite and IP network transmission.

Aerospace and defense security includes dedicated communications, reconnaissance and security products for armed forces, public security agencies and organizations, and critical infrastructure operators.

The network security business area provides secure WAN, LAN and WLAN network infrastructure components and products to protect data transmission, equipment and applications.


In order to enable end users of satellite communication lines to continuously obtain higher data rates, satellite operators are using higher communication frequencies, such as the Q/V band with a larger bandwidth, so satellite communication in the Q/V band has become the current development An important direction of the The SZV100A upconverter newly launched by Rohde & Schwarz in August 2020 is a product specially designed for broadband transponders in the payload of very high throughput satellites (VHTS). SZV100A has a 2GHz modulation bandwidth, covering the entire frequency range from 36 GHz to 56 GHz. SZV100A and the signal source can be operated remotely via LAN, and SZV100A can also be a low-cost upgrade to the existing test system.

The re-emergence of German aviation and aerospace has inspired China's satellite industry

As we all know, the United States is the world leader in aerospace technology, but due to the current Sino-US relations, we will not mention the United States today. Let us turn our attention to Europe's technological power-Germany. The following are some situations in Germany for readers' reference.

   1. Before the end of World War II, Germany's aviation and aerospace industry was undisputedly at the forefront of the world in almost all fields, such as jet aircraft and v2 rockets. After the war, a large number of relevant talents in Germany were divided by the two victorious nations of the United States and the Soviet Union. However, after the defeat of the war, Germany quickly re-emerged in economy and technology, coupled with the government's consistent attention, so the German aerospace technology is now in a leading position in Europe, and certain technologies can also be among the best in the world.

  2. Most of the German aviation industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is only one pure German giant company-Daimler Aviation Industry Corporation. In addition, Germany has two important civil aviation companies, namely Airbus Germany and Eurocopter Germany. In terms of aviation research, the German Aerospace Center plays an important role. The center includes 29 research units distributed in 13 cities in Germany. Germany is a major exporter, of which up to 70% of aviation products are exported.

  3. Germany’s aerospace industry has been on track since the 1990s. It is currently very European with the characteristics of joint European Union. It plays an important role in the European Space Agency (ESA) and is also the country that has undertaken the most projects among European countries. The three main implementation entities of the German space policy are: European Space Agency, German National Space Program, and German Aerospace Center. The key projects of the European Space Agency include the Galileo satellite navigation project, which is well-known in the Chinese satellite circle. The German aerospace industry is also dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, OHB, a well-known German satellite technology company, has done big things with a small volume and won one big project after another of the European Space Agency.

  4. Germany’s satellite industry is in a leading position in Europe in terms of earth observation, navigation systems, and satellite communication technology. In particular, communication-related technologies have become a popular direction for satellite development and are regarded as the electronic information industry in the new era. Benefiting from the fact that the electronics industry has traditionally been Germany's pillar industry, Germany has a very solid foundation in terms of R&D and manufacturing. More than half of the electronic components (including chips and semiconductors) made in Germany are exported. The industry needs involved include communications, automobiles, industry, national defense, aviation and aerospace. Especially in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, if China also has a world-class wafer fab like Infineon, the situation of companies such as Huawei should be different today.

   5. As we all know, Germany is rich in "hidden champions." As a representative country of high-level manufacturing in the world, German industrial enterprises have always maintained their inherent operating characteristics. The German economy is supported by huge small and medium-sized enterprises, and more than 85% of the small and medium-sized enterprises are family businesses that have run for several generations. They are far away from finance and the stock market, but they often represent the champion level of many sub-industries in the world. There is no other reason. The six-word summary is: focus, professionalism, and innovation. As one link after another in the German high-tech industrial chain, these small and medium-sized enterprises work and contribute in a low-key manner, supporting the backbone of the German high-tech manufacturing industry.

   In summary, the re-emergence of German aviation and aerospace is mainly due to the early foundation, the government's attention, and the sound industrial foundation over the years, especially the completeness of the electronic information industry chain from upstream to downstream, from R&D to production. These have good reference significance for China's current satellite industry development.

As an instrument manufacturer founded in 1933 and the first "low-key" company in the world (1950) that invented a network analyzer, Rohde & Schwarz is such a typical German family company. Its philosophy is Rely on excellent products to impress and retain customers. As a world-class manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments, safety communications and radio monitoring equipment, as an important supplier of radio communications equipment to NATO, as a project partner of the European Space Agency, Rohde & Schwarz’s The solution has long been widely used in the aerospace and defense electronics fields, and has played a pivotal role in cutting-edge product development, production, and operation and maintenance. Welcome readers and friends in the industry to learn about Made in Germany, please inquire: www.rohde-schwarz.com.cn

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