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"Digital Communication World" Magazine

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-08 17:55
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(Summary description)Booth: M3 | English name: Digital Communication World

nbsp; Contact: Liu Jian Issue Department: 010-88254338/39/48, 51662120-15 Contact: Xiao Hong

"Digital Communication World" Magazine

(Summary description)Booth: M3 | English name: Digital Communication World

nbsp; Contact: Liu Jian Issue Department: 010-88254338/39/48, 51662120-15 Contact: Xiao Hong

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-08 17:55
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Address: 7th Floor, Huaxin Building, No. 288, Jinjia Village, South Exit, Wanshou Road, Beijing

  Postal code: 100036

  Contact: Fabin Zhao

   Mobile phone: 13910839249

   Telephone: +8610-88254338/51662120-21

   Biography: +8610-88254349

   Website: http://www.dcw.org.cn

  E-mail: dcw@dcw.org.cn,zhaofabin@163.com

  company profiles:

"Digital Communication World" (Issue Number: ISSN 1672-7274 CN 11-5154/TN) is a professional monthly magazine that is in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and sponsored by the Electronic Industry Press to comprehensively report on the communications, satellite, and radio and television industries. Public offering. This journal is printed in full-color 16 format by the International University and published on the 1st of each month. Its distribution covers the entire IT industry, communications industry, radio and television systems, aerospace and other private network systems, and its distribution network has been extended to all major and medium-sized enterprises across the country. Cities, domestic and foreign companies, research institutions and universities.

Adhering to the purpose of "serving technological innovation and enterprise development", based on the digital communications industry, actively publicize and report macro-industry policies; pay close attention to the latest developments in communications, satellite, radio, television, Internet and other industries; timely disseminate modern corporate management concepts; bold predictions Digital communications market, technology, operations, and business development trends; committed to exploring and recommending innovative business models, new technologies, new equipment, and new products in the communications industry.

"Digital Communication World" is characterized by "reporting advanced technology and promoting famous-brand products". The content covers all fields related to digital technology and applications. It strives to grasp the pulse of the industrial market, pays attention to the innovation and reform of enterprises, and pays attention to reports on technology and products. , To help enterprise-level users with basic construction and applications to promote the process of digitalization, networking and informationization in various industries.

This publication focuses on reflecting the new developments and market changes of domestic and foreign communications technology, especially my country’s communications management system reform, communications operation market development, and new achievements and new levels of communications technology applications, starting from the perspective of the combination of economy and technology , To serve the majority of operators, equipment vendors, integrators, authors and readers.

  "Digital Communication World" magazine is a comprehensive monthly magazine covering the fields of communication, satellite, radio and television in my country. This magazine returns the love of customers and readers with authoritative, novel, and practical information. Provide decision-making and management personnel at all levels, marketing and purchasing personnel, scientific research and development and technical support personnel with the latest domestic and foreign technologies and products, market information, industry trends and management experience; in order to establish the company's brand image and improve its reputation, Provide an information platform for disseminating product information, communicating with supply and marketing channels. As a professional information media, this journal strives to build itself into a good friend of users and a bridge for enterprises. It integrates science and technology, engineering, application, market, and operation, promotes the development of the industry with first-class quality and service, and becomes an assistant to enterprise growth and a friend of readers. Pay close attention to the latest developments in the industry, always stand at the forefront of the industry, and promote the sustainable and sound development of the industry is the bounden duty of this publication. Your development drives our common future, and we look forward to having a better tomorrow with you!

  contact details:

   Editorial Department: 010-88254338/39/48, 51662120-21

  Contact: Fabin Zhao

   Advertising Department: 010-88254338/39/48, 51662120-22

   Contact: Liu Jian

  Issuing Department: 010-88254338/39/48, 51662120-15

  Contact: Xiao Hong

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