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Exhibition Introduction

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Time: December  12th to December  14th, 2022 (three days of exhibition)

Location: Beijing New Century Hotel-China Hall (2nd floor) Century Hall (3rd floor)


The 2022 China International Satellite Application Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held from December  12th to December  14th, 2022 (concurrently with the 2022 China Satellite Application Conference) in the China Hall on the second floor and the Century Hall on the third floor of Beijing New Century Hotel (exhibition area of ​​1500 Square meters), set up special exhibition area and standard exhibition area (see booth map for details). There will be a number of well-known Chinese and foreign companies, satellite operators, VSAT operators, satellite manufacturers, business system integrators, satellite communication antennas, mobile communication equipment, portable satellite communication stations, etc. to showcase the latest satellite equipment, application systems and scientific and technological achievements.

The exhibition is open for free and open visits to professionals in the satellite industry and the society, and 20,000 visit vouchers are distributed in an organized manner. The "Exhibition Proceedings" compiled and printed by the exhibition organization is presented to visitors for free to promote the communication between enterprises and users and expand the publicity effect of the exhibition.



Exhibitors scope:


1. Satellite communications: satellite communications antennas, mobile communications equipment, portable satellite communications stations, on-board SNGs, antenna control, satellite uplink station accessories, radio frequency microwaves, local infrastructure construction and operation, etc.;

2. Satellite broadcasting: TV station OB vans, satellite earth station equipment, satellite TV receiving equipment, remote education, satellite transmission and reception systems;

3. Integrated satellite applications: satellite operators, VSAT operators, satellite manufacturers, business system integrators, etc.;

4. Satellite navigation: GPS equipment, Beidou chip, Beidou module, Beidou antenna, Beidou timing, GNSS receiver, RF chip, GIS data collection, satellite navigation simulation test system, etc.;

5. Satellite remote sensing: high resolution radar satellite remote sensing data receiving and processing and distribution system, analog stereo mapping, digital photogrammetry system, remote sensing image processing and analysis system, etc.;



The organizer will provide exhibitors with:


①3×3﹦9㎡ standard booth

(Including: fascia board production, one exhibition table, two chairs, two spotlights, power socket 220V/5A, on-site security and cleaning services);

②Publish the basic information of the company and the brief introduction in both Chinese and English in the "Exhibition Catalogue" for the exhibitors;

③Exhibitors can choose to publish color interstitial advertisements, which will be published in the "China Satellite Application Conference Information Collection" and "Exhibition Proceedings" at the same time;

④ Provide a free representative for the exhibitors to participate in the conference.

You can sign up for the exhibition online, or download the "Exhibition Invitation Letter" and email it to wangchao@satellite.org.

The organizing committee will implement the booth and various requirements for you (the choice of booth is based on the principle of first-come, first-selected).



More companies are welcome to take this opportunity to showcase their technical products!

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