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Beijing Multitec Communication Technology Ltd.
展位号:20 | 英文名:Beijing Multitec Communication Technology Ltd.
MOTUS TECHS (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd.

Mute Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is located in Donghu High-tech Development Zone in Hubei Province. It is a multi-degree-of-freedom parallel robot application solution provider. Relying on the actual application needs of customers, it opens the control port to realize the user's independent input of data to control the robot, complete the experiment and application effects.
Beijing Hongdeyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd.
POSTION:P29 | NAME:Beijing Hongdeyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd.

先生 手机:13301230610 微信同号电话:010-80222199 网址:www.providego.com Email:vidego@163.com
Tuowei Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
POSTION:P44 | NAME:Tuowei Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Topway Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a chip development company for radar and communication fields. The company is committed to providing customers with microwave and millimeter wave chips and signal processing SoC chips and chip-based system solutions. It has a complete R&D system from chip design to mass production applications. It has applied for more than 36 patents and applied for and participated in more than 20 major projects. Item, the product has been applied in many fields.
Beijing Sinotech Going Sci. & Tech.Co.,Ltd.
POSTION:P31 | NAME:Beijing Sinotech Going Sci. & Tech.Co.,Ltd.

Relying on products, market-oriented" business tenet, advocating the development concept of "honesty, science and technology", encouraging to maximize personal potential, and committed to provide employees with a broader development space, and strive to build a leading enterprise in the industry Image, the company, employees, and customers work together to create a better future.
Beijing Yutong Yier Culture and Art Co., Ltd.
Booth: P41 | English name: Beijing Yutong Yier Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

No. 2, No. 110, Zaojia Street, Fengtai District, City Contact person: Zhang Peijun Mobile: 13910730894 E-mail: 423078456@QQ.com Company profile: Specializing in the production of outdoor instrument packaging, design and production according to customer requirements
New Columbium Adarekte (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: J1 | English name: ST Engineering iDirect(China) Co., Ltd.

Task: Provide a reliable connection for any location. With our experience in establishing the country's largest satellite network for emergency responders, IP Access is uniquely positioned to provide disaster prevention solutions for a wide range of customers. From government to enterprise, IP access has the ability to customize fully integrated products for any demand.
Magister Solutions Ltd.
展位: | 英文名:Magister Solutions Ltd.

performance cloud-based architecture with no capital costs and operational costs only based on use.
Iridium Satellite Communications Co., Ltd.
Booth: Y7 | English name: Iridium Satellite LLC

only 780 kilometres from the Earth, the proximity of Iridium’s LEO network means pole-to-pole
Beijing Jiekebot Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: P50 | English name: Beijing Jake Bote Communication Tech Co.,Ltd

Efficient one-stop service. All employees of our company uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of loyalty, integrity, and pursuit of excellence, make every effort, and make unremitting pursuits. Sincerely cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad, all walks of life and users, based on the whole country and looking at the world, for the common prosperity of China's modern industry and the revitalization of the national technology industry. Make a contribution.
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